Tuesday, February 11, 2020

I will explain it in the instructions box below Essay

I will explain it in the instructions box below - Essay Example Students were taken from those with high anxiety towards math’s and those with low anxiety towards maths.This was also repeated on those with high and low beliefs towards the subject. The researchers grouped the children according to their perceptions on mathematics after undertaking tests on heir anxiety and beliefs. Teachers were also given tests and rated based on their performance. The main intervention was the use of Math Anxiety Scale-Revised Beliefs Survey), Number and Operation Task and Geometric Shapes Sorting Task as a way of collecting the data before analysis could be done. This was after getting the consent from parents, and the administrators of the preschool children under study. Questionnaires were administered to teachers and children. The questionnaires were administered in silent rooms in order for the children not to have distractions that could make them deviate from the questions. However, most of the data collected from the tests was used to get a clearer picture on the answers that the children and teachers gave and the outcome of the tests. Anxiety on the part of the teachers towards mathematics had no effect on the performance of the children towards math. Teacher’s beliefs on math, on the other hand had significance effect on the children’s achievement in mathematics. The findings of the study can be found to be significant and reproducible since they are consistent with other studies that show that teacher’s anxiety does not affect children’s performance in the subject. Hence, the findings indicate that math is learnt faster in the classroom whether the teacher is a filled with anxiety or not as long the teacher is giving out the right content. This implies the beliefs of teachers are of upmost importance pertaining the association and performance of children in mathematics in their later years. Also anxiety towards mathematics is of less importance as compared to belief in the same, hence,

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